thumbnail Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal in Arizona

Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal in Arizona?


A dirt bike is a vehicle that has been produced for challenging off-road and off-road experiences. If you want to use it on Arizona’s public roads and highways, you first need to know if dirt bikes are legal in Arizona.

Every state in the US has specific guidelines and regulations for vehicles. Knowing the rules and guidelines would be good, especially if you are a beginner rider.

What Do You Need to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Arizona?

To make dirt bikes legal on the streets of Arizona, you must meet certain requirements. Compliance with guidelines on safety, off-road driving, licensing, and driving is expected.

  •  If the person driving the vehicle is under 18, they must wear a helmet. This applies to all-terrain vehicles and mopeds.
  • If the vehicle used does not have a protective windshield, it is mandatory for the person driving the vehicle to wear protective glasses or a face shield.
  • Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and driving cycles must have a seat, footrests, and at least one rearview mirror. In addition, the seat should have handlebars, which should be such that the rider’s hands are on the handlebars.
  • The motorcycle must have mufflers. If not, noise-reducing components must be installed.
  • If the motorcycle has a single seat, no more than one person can get on this vehicle. If another person is to ride, the other seat must be fixed.
  • Turn signals, tail lights, front and rear brakes, a horn, two mirrors, and a spark arrestor are required.
  • According to the regulations, motorcycles have the right to use the entire lane. However, more than one motorcycle cannot be found in the same lane.
  • Must have a motorcycle license. In Arizona, a person must be 16 years old to obtain a motorcycle license. If the person is 15.5 years old, they may be entitled to use an M-class motorcycle for instructional purposes, valid for seven months. However, this also allows limited driving during daylight hours. In addition, persons under 18 must have a 6-month training permit and take an MVD-approved motorcyclist training program.
  • Anyone who wants to get a license for a motorcycle must pass the knowledge, skill, and vision test and also pay the license fee. In addition, the vision test should be repeated every 12 years.
  •  If used off-road, the safety mentioned above precautions are optional. However, driving on the streets of Arizona requires a driver’s license, safety precautions, and other things mentioned above.

Where Can You Ride Dirt Bikes in Arizona?

The best place to ride a dirt bike in the state of Arizona is in your backyard. In other words, driving this vehicle on your property is not forbidden. But if your property is close to other houses, you will need to install a silencer to avoid noise pollution.

Besides your private property, you can also use it at local state park trails and public off-road motorcycle parks. But if you use it in parks or trails in Arizona, make sure you know the rules.


Are dirt bikes street-legal in Arizona? The question should be one you should ask before you set off. You are expected to make the necessary arrangements to make it legal to ride your dirt bike and to follow your state’s motorcycle guidelines.

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