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Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal in Hawaii?


Dirt bikes are fun to ride to escape the daily stresses of life. So, are dirt bikes street-legal in Hawaii? You cannot drive these vehicles, produced for the field, anywhere you want. Hawaii and other states in the USA have specific laws and guidelines for dirt bikes. To make it legal, it is necessary to follow these rules. 

Hawaii Dirt Bike Laws

Dirt bike riders in Hawaii do not need a permit to ride their dirt bikes on public dirt bike parks and trails or their private property. However, other than that, the following are expected to be complied with.

  • If it is to be used in the field, registration of the driver’s license is mandatory.
  • When using an all-terrain motorcycle, traffic rules must be followed, and one must be driven below a certain speed limit.
  • The vehicle must have a spark arrestor.
  • While driving off-road or on the road, the driver is prohibited from carrying drugs, alcohol, or weapons.

How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Hawaii

Do you want to take a pleasant ride on the streets of Hawaii alongside off-road trails on your dirt bike? Then you may be asked to convert your bike to a street bike. You’ll have to fulfill details such as headlight, brake, license plate, rearview mirror, turn signal, and optional government approval.

While it’s not mandatory, some OHV areas may require it, so it’s important to know before traveling to other states.

After you have your dirt bike done with the changes mentioned above, your vehicle should be approved by the Hawaii DMV. To do this, visit the dirt bike shop, and if your bike passes the test there, you will be given a certificate to help you register.

After completing all these steps, you can register your dirt bike with the DMV. Keep the title, driver’s license, inspection certificate, and liability insurance given to you after registration. Also, after paying a certain registration fee, you can now legally ride the streets of Hawaii on your dirt bike.

Do You Need a License for a Dirt Bike in Hawaii?

You must obtain a riding permit if you are riding a dirt bike without a license. You can get it from the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources website. In addition, if the vehicle you drive is licensed, you do not need to get a driver’s license.


Riding a dirt bike and conquering rough terrain must be an amazing experience. However, if you want to use it on the street rather than on the fields, you will need to use the motorcycle laws of your state. Doing so could save you a fine or even jail time.

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