thumbnail Hawk 250 Enduro Dirt Bike Review

Hawk 250 Enduro Dirt Bike Review

Most people admire motorcycles, but not everyone dares to buy one. People have different reasons for this. First of all, motorbikes are not suitable for families with children. The car is much more convenient for them. Also, they can be considered dangerous. Not everyone prefers it for reasons like these. Still, most people dream of owning motorbikes one day.

Dirt bikes are different from regular motorcycles. It is designed for rough roads. We can say that it is mostly for fun. Even if it can be used on surfaced roads, you will get maximum efficiency on more rough roads such as unsurfaced tracks. Whether this is more dangerous or safe is debatable, but it is more suitable for enjoyable trips to the countryside. 

We will evaluate a dirt bike in this article. The hawk 250 enduro dirt bike attracts the attention of many people with its low price. Although it is priced lower than others, it is not a very cheap product. That’s why people wonder about the quality and durability of the product. Let’s look at the features of this dirt bike together. 

Brand Hawk
Model Enduro
Number of Speed 5
Color Red, black, blue, green
Bike Type  Gas dirt bike
Engine 229cc, 4-Stroke
Item Weight 265 Pounds
Overall length 82.3″
Pros Cons
Color options Some parts are of poor quality 
Comfortable design Needs to assemble
Affordable No warranty or service information
 Parts can replace  

Who Is This Product For?

This product is suitable for anyone with a passion for motorcycles. It is a dirt bike, not a regular bike. So it is ideal for tougher roads. However, it can be adjusted if you want to use it for daily fun. It is a good choice, especially for people looking for a motorbike, because it is more affordable than its counterparts. 

In addition, since it comes unassembled, it should be preferred by those who like repair work. You will enjoy this bike if you like to take care of mechanical stuff. Those who want just to take the motorcycle and hit the road may be a little disappointed. If you do not know mechanical stuff, you will have to visit a mechanic often and spend money. 

Both women and men can use it. You can choose the one you like among the color options. It is well-designed and equipped to provide the things you need. Since it is not very durable, we think it is more suitable for beginner-level riders who will not use it very often. It may not satisfy those at the professional level.

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Features of Hawk 250 Enduro Dirt Bike


It is available in red, black, blue, and green color options. These colors are very vibrant and beautiful. This is a 2019 model dirt bike. It has updated versions. However, new versions are not that different from old ones. This dirt bike works with gas. The front and rear brakes are hydraulic discs. Also, its engine is 229cc and 4-stroke. Its tires are included. 

This dirt bike can weigh up to 331 lbs. It can carry two people. The bike itself has a net weight of 265 lbs. Its length is 82.3″. It is essential to know its size to decide where to store it and understand if you have enough space. Its gas tank capacity is 3.7 gal. It has a horn, reflectors, and a foot brake.

 It comes unassembled. You have to assemble certain parts. It is a dirt bike, but you can still use it daily. Only its tires can be a problem since they are suitable for rough surfaces and not flat ground. If you think its tires are uncomfortable, you can replace them with regular tires. In general, it has an excellent design and it meets expectations.

Ease of Use 

This can be a bit of a hassle as some parts of the product, such as handlebar brackets, wheels, and fenders, need assembly. It is not as difficult as you might think. However, you should be aware that you will not be able to use it immediately. Of course, there is also some paperwork, but this is not difficult to handle. 

The manufacturer is also beneficial. You can enjoy your bike after completing the paperwork and assembly. It is not difficult to use at all. Since the seat is designed low, it provides a more comfortable ride. It has 5-speed settings. It might not exactly meet the needs of professionals, but it’s a good choice for fun trips. It’s straightforward to learn how to use, especially for amateurs.

You can control the speed, gas, and more on the top panel. Since these are not very complicated, you will not have too much trouble learning the indicators. It is a product that everyone can easily use. Especially those who are new to motorbikes can learn many things from this dirt bike. In this respect, it is beneficial and praiseworthy.

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Worth of Money 

This product is more affordable than other brands’ dirt bikes because it is a Chinese brand. Do not think that it is inferior quality because it is Chinese. On the contrary, it is quite helpful in many ways. Its quality is not as high as other well-known brands, though. Some parts of the bike can even break easily. That’s why the price is lower. However, its quality does not affect your use that much. 

If there are any broken parts, it is possible to replace them. So it’s not become entirely unusable. Still, it might bother you a bit. Even if it is possible to renew the parts, you may not want to deal with repairing them all the time. So if you are looking for a motorcycle that you can use for a long time without any problems, you should pay more and buy a different motorbike.

Overall it’s a good product for the price. You can easily find instructions on the internet for setting up. However, delivery can be a problem sometimes. Some bikes were delivered with a few scratches. I hope you do not have this problem. Anyway, if there is a problem, you can contact the manufacturer. They will be happy to assist you.


Its durability changes according to your usage. As we said, it is a Chinese product, and it does not have the same quality as the other well-known and expensive brands. Some of its parts may deteriorate over time. It is difficult to guarantee that every single part of these dirt bikes is high quality. However, it is one of the cheapest products you can get.

Later you may need to replace some parts of the dirt bike, such as the carburetor or handlebar. It probably won’t cost too much. Still, we can’t give a specific number about how much the replacements will cost. You can buy this product, especially if you are interested in repair work. If you aren’t interested in this kind of work, it may make you angry at some point. 

There is no information about the warranty or help. You should learn about these in detail before you buy them. For example, if there is a warranty, you should learn about its conditions. Also, you should ask about where to get support if any of its parts need repair or replacement. Is there any store that can get help? You should know this because there is a possibility of deterioration.

Final Verdict

Riding dirt bikes is more of a hobby, so it’s not suitable for everyone. However, if you find a dirt bike at a remarkably affordable price, you can make it ideal for normal use with some modifications. After all, finding a cheap motorbike isn’t always easy. So actually everyone can enjoy it in this way. 

In our article, we evaluated the Hawk 250 enduro dirt bike, one of the affordable motorbikes. We think it’s a product that will work for most people. It may not be enough for professionals since its engine is not strong enough for professional use. But it is ideal for a short trip to the countryside. It is designed to be used comfortably.  

It would be better if its quality were a little better. Thus, it could be used for a long time without any problems. You can still use it for a long time, but changes in its system may be necessary. We hope our article was helpful to you. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

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