How to Ride a Dirt Bike

How Fast Is 70CC, 100CC, 200CC Dirt Bike?


Do you like adrenalin? The thrill of extreme sports and activities? Or the feeling of accomplishment after participating if it pushes your limits? If so, you definitely should look for a dirt bike. A dirt bike is almost the same as a regular bike, except it is relatively smaller and lighter.

One of the most important things to know about dirt bikes is that they are not suitable for daily use. They do not have headlights, brake lights, or mirrors. So, the only place you can use the dirt bike is the trails and tracks designed for the activity. But even when you are familiar with the sport, finding the perfect dirt bike for yourself might be a little tough.

They come in many options for what purpose you wish to use them and many speed variations for you to choose from. We prepared this entry to help you pick the most suitable motor speed for yourself. Today, I will talk about dirt bikes and 3 different motor options.

How Fast Is a 70CC Dirt Bike?

How Fast Is 70CC, 100CC, 200CC Dirt Bike?

If you wanted to start off-road racing and began to look at dirt bikes, you may have gotten a little confused. All the different types of bikes with different speeds make it hard to pick which one is the best for you. If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend the 70cc dirt bikes.

The 70cc bike can speed up to 35-45 mph/ 56-72 kph. It is suitable for you for many reasons. For starters, it is easy to control. If you are a beginner or do not want the extreme adrenalin of racing, a 70cc dirt bike is perfect. It can speed up to 45mph, but it surely does not mean you need to go with that speed.

It is up to you to choose how fast you want to go. And when you get used to the bike and the rough terrain of the parkour, you can use it at the top speed. It surely will give you the excitement you need in your life. It is also lightweight, so moving it around even when you are not using it will be no problem.

Also, a 70cc dirt bike is a great choice for you and your kid. If your child is interested in racing or a bike and even simple rides with you off-road, you definitely should check out a 70cc mini dirt bike. It may seem dangerous, but with the right precautions, you and your kid will have the best time of your lives.

How Fast Is a 100CC Dirt Bike?

How Fast Is 70CC, 100CC, 200CC Dirt Bike, row

For someone who likes the sport of terrain riding and off-road racing and has done it for a while, the time to change the bike they use can be crucial. There are many facts to consider before making a decision. You must be sure of your skills and the improvement you aim for. The bike you are using is also important.

If you make a big jump between motor powers, you can give yourself some unnecessary trouble. If you started with a 70cc motor, your next step should be the 100cc one. A 100cc dirt bike can go up to 50-60 mph/ 80-96 kph, which is fast. But, as mentioned above, you do not need to go top speed.

The 100cc dirt bike gives you the freedom of high speed while also allowing you a joyful off-road ride. When upgrading your bike, you should consider that it will be harder to control. Not to forget the salty price tag. But when all things considered, for an experienced driver, a 100cc dirt bike is a comfortable option.

It is not as hard to control the stronger engines and not as slow as the weaker ones. Dare I say it is just right? And just like the 70cc, there are 100cc dirt bikes for kids. If your children also want to step up their game, a 100cc may be the one.

How Fast Is a 200CC Dirt Bike?

After you spend a lot of time with dirt bikes and motocross races, you may feel the inevitable pull toward the faster bikes. If you want to go into professional racing, you need an upgrade to the 200cc dirt bike and even higher. A 200cc dirt bike can go as fast as 60mph/ 96 kph. It may not seem like there is a difference between 100cc and 200cc, but there are many differences.

Yes, they are almost as fast as one another, but the engine of the 200cc dirt bike is much more complicated and harder to handle. So, the 200cc is not recommended for use outside of racing.

If you want your 200cc dirt bike to go faster, you need to know the body positions and the terrain you will be riding on. There are, of course, modifications you can make, but after paying all that money for the bike, you may not want to follow that route.


Adrenalin and excitement are things we all need in our lives. It keeps us young and happy. But finding the right sport or activity for yourself can be tough. You sometimes don’t have time to try all the things that seem interesting or the money to fund all those you like. For this reason, guidance can feel like a blessing from the gods above.

In this entry, we talked about dirt bikes and 3 different engine options that might help beginners and those who struggle with the next step to take in their adventure. Despite their high prices, dirt bikes are widely preferred, and it is not in vain. If you also can’t seem to get enough of this sport, I hope you found this entry helpful. Have a nice day, and happy riding.

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