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SYX MOTO 50cc Dirt Bike Review

Riding a motorcycle is never just riding; it’s a lifestyle, and it makes you feel alive and freer than ever! I’m sure you have heard a similar statement before in your life. Especially when it comes to off-road bikes, that freeing feeling is undeniable. 

Whether you have never ridden a bike before and like to watch motocross, or you love riding any bike, I’m sure you know the drill and will like to read this article. Because in this article, we will be reviewing this little beginner bike; SYX MOTO 50cc Dirt Bike.

Style Dirt Bike
Wheel Size 10 inches
Special Feature Off-Road
Color Black/Orange/Pink/Red/Green
Suspension Type Rear, Front
Item Weight 22 Kg
Weight Capacity 176 Pounds
Power 50 cc, Gas
Brake Type Disc Brake
Pros Cons
Ideal for children and beginners Not very convenient for tall people
Easy to assemble Requires regular maintenance
Good suspension Some parts are cheaply made
Good quality  

As we mentioned before, bikes are not the only vehicles we use to get somewhere. They are more like a passion, especially if we are talking about dirt bikes! And as you would know, passions have no age limits. So even a little one can be passionate about bikes. And if you are one of those cool parents who also have a passion for bikes, there is no question that you would understand your kid’s needs and provide them with the safest options. 

But even if you are not one of those parents, and you have no idea about bikes, in fact, you think they might be dangerous for little ones, don’t worry; we are here to ease your worries. Of course, all of these concerns are only understandable. But after reading this review, I’m sure most of the question marks in your head will disappear.

That said, we are also pretty sure that you will fall in love with SYX MOTO 50cc Dirt Bike. Because this bike, which you can find tons of videos about, is not only safe but also an excellent beginner bike. In terms of performance, user-friendliness, and other aspects, this is a bike that will surely earn your trust. So, without further ado, let’s start the review!

Is SYX MOTO 50cc Dirt Bike Safe?

Especially since this is a bike for children and beginners, this question is fundamental. And we will be talking about the safety precautions of this product in just a while. But now, let’s take a closer look at 50cc dirt bikes in general. For starters, note that the average top speed of a 50cc dirt bike is 25 to 30 mph. The rider’s weight, the terrain, and the style of the bike are just a few of the many variables that might impact a bike’s actual top speed.

With that being said, undoubtedly, dirt biking may be a risky sport. Nevertheless, there are various methods to use and appreciate dirt bikes. According to statistics, making a few minor adjustments to your riding style can drastically lower your chance of injury and, in my opinion, make dirt biking a safe activity for both children and adults to enjoy. Because, as you already know, every activity carries some risk. 

The appeal of a dirt bike is that it will get your children outside and teach them various useful skills. We all want to provide our children with a happy and healthy childhood, and dirt biking is one way to do so. You should be ready for a sprained ankle and a broken bone, even though you should take extra care to keep them as safe as possible. 

The true challenge is balancing your risk tolerance with the activity’s dangers. As parents, we are all aware that there is almost little chance of harm if we keep our children indoors playing computer games and napping all day. But is it what we want our children to grow up to be? Well, I’m assuming your answer to this question is ‘no.’ So now, let’s take a closer look at this fantastic dirt bike’s features.

SYX MOTO 50cc Dirt Bike 1

Features of SYX MOTO 50cc Dirt Bike

Safety — 4/5

As we mentioned above, safety is the first concern when shopping for a dirt bike for your kids. So, how will we determine if this dirt bike is safe? We will examine the brakes and the speed limit. First of all, we know that this is a great bike for beginners because it has an enhanced speed limiter that can lower the speed limit from 30 mph to 15 mph.

Then, what about the brakes? Although the bike can travel quickly, it is useless if it cannot stop in a timely manner. So, as you would guess, getting a bike with strong stopping power is important, especially if you plan to give the bike to young children. You will get it with the Syx because it has disc brakes on the front and back. 

Disc brakes don’t overheat as standard bicycle brakes do. Instead, they quickly cool down because they are exposed to the air and lose most of their heat. As a result, they respond without any issues. The disc brake offers precision braking even while riding in damp conditions, halting the wheels when it counts.

Performance — 5/5

Well, performance matters as much as safety. After all, you are investing in a dirt bike, and you want it to be a fun experience. So, to clear the air about the performance of this bike, let’s take a closer look at the engine. This bike houses the 2-stroke motor. If you are familiar with engines, you may know that they require a mixture of oil and gas. Here, the air can enter the engine’s cooling system and mix with gasoline or oil. 

On top of the piston, compression begins in this manner. In the following phase, it produces energy that causes the piston to descend to raise and lower it. To ensure smooth operation, the crankcase on the engine was sealed well. Because of this, there is no disruption or loss of power. The SYX moto holeshot 50cc dirt bike’s top speed now reaches 30 mph. And for the kids, that is more than enough.

SYX MOTO 50cc Dirt Bike 2

User Experience — 4/5

Now, user experience differs from performance since you want to be able to operate the bike easily. But before that, let me answer one of the most asked questions about this dirt bike; does it come assembled? Well, for the most part, yes. The bike comes 85% assembled. And you will only need to install the handlebar, front wheel, shock absorber, and fender.

And, what about when using the bike? What kind of experience does the user expect? As you know, this bike has a rear spring suspension system. So you’ll be able to better take in the imperfections of the terrain. And the bikes achieve this by contracting and expanding in response to the ups and downs in the surface where you ride the bike. 

Therefore, the wheels will adjust by going up and down if there is a pit on the track or a sudden mound on the road. The bike chassis will absorb shocks more efficiently as a result. Allow the rider to feel absolutely no jerkiness in the meantime. As a result, your ride will be more comfortable and give you better control of the bike.

Package and Warranty — 5/5

Lastly, it should be noted that this bike comes with a tool kit, and the hardware required is also included. So, by simply following the manual, you can easily assemble it. Now, about the warranty, you should know that you will not get whole bike coverage. The warranty covers only the bike’s parts. Though starting on the day you receive it, you have 365-day customer service. 

Other than that, it comes with a three-business-day damage-on-arrival warranty. Additionally, you are given a warranty covering engine defects for up to 3 months following purchase. It is for a month for the other components. It may be challenging to follow. Talk to the dealer to gain a thorough understanding of it.


Well, if you have read this review up until now, I wouldn’t think there are any doubts about the bike’s quality, safety, and performance. As we have seen clearly, this SYX bike is compact, safe, and still filled with adrenaline. All in all, it is a reliable dirt bike. Therefore, it is the ideal bike to start with if you want to ensure that you give your child some pleasure and instill a passion for dirt biking in them.

But before making your purchase, please ensure that you and your kid understand the weight limits because the first thing you should always check when purchasing a bike for a child is their ability to handle it. Kids won’t have any significant problems with it in such a situation. The bike weighs 22 kg dry and 26 kg wet, which is easily manageable for children ages 7-9.

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